Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tectonic forcings

(I was unable to get the picture off of the PDFs so I just posted the link to cite everything and so that the picture can be seen)

Tectonic forcings are very important to the people of Clark County because of the position that it is currently located and where it was located. Durnig the Silurian time Ohio was below the equator in warm shallow sea and now as everyone can see who lives in Ohio now that is not the case. There are no warm waters anywhere close. This is all due to the shift in the tectonic plates causing land masses to shift.



The link above is a bedrock geologic map of Ohio. This map properly portrays the diverse bedrock geology that exists beneath the surface of the state. This map provides background for citizens of Ohio, who are interested in understanding bedrock geology in their state and own respective counties, such as Clark County, where the map shows during the silurian period, sedimentary rocks, such as, dolomite, anhydrite, gypsum, salt, shale and limestone deposits were formed.



  1. How did the till layer on top of the bedrock form? Also, what happens to bedrock now, are we forming more, or is it disappearing?

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  3. No, bedrock is not forming in Ohio anymore due to the movement of tectonic plates, however one could argue that bedrock is disappearing because of weathering and erosion.

  4. Also, the till layer on top of the bedrock formed from years of sediments being placed on the surface from glaciers. This source: http://www.olentangywatershed.org/files/Inventory/Inventory_section3.pdf discusses this phenomenon in greater detail.