Thursday, February 7, 2013

A New Semester: Wetland Research Carries On!

Elizabeth Wilson and Grant Goodwin install an automatic water sampler at the Municipal Stadium Wetland, Springfield, Ohio.
It is late winter in Springfield and a new class carries on the work of the Geology Critical Zone (Geol 170) predecessors. This semester, upper-level Wittenberg geology and chemistry students in Wetland Biogeochemistry (Geology 460) carry on Critical Zone research of nutrient behavior in the Municipal Stadium Wetland. Their task, to conduct more in-depth biogeochemical research at the wetland collecting higher resolution samples, using more advanced laboratory instrumentation, and presenting research at the Geological Society of America Meeting in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The wetland was visibly melting on Wednesday and two ISCO automatic water samplers were installed. One sampler went into the wetland (above) and the other just above the inflow to the wetland in Buck Creek.  It was good to get outside!

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