Friday, September 13, 2013

Olentangy Experimental Wetland Park Trip

On Wednesday, September 11th, 2013 we visited the Olentangy Experimental Wetland Park, at the Ohio State University Campus.  There we thought more about the function and services of wetlands (their ability to remove sediment and nutrients) and we saw some of the research plots and equipment that have been used at this site for over 2 decades.  This trip gave us a glimpse at the potential for water quality improvement in our own watershed, Buck Creek, with possible urban wetlands in vacant lots.

Experimental plot of 'mini' wetlands that can be used for reproducibility studies

The inflow to the experimental wetlands in the Olentangy River (powered by solar).

Lowhead dam looking down at the flooded woodlands that have been restored.  The dam is below the inflow into the experimental wetland and impairs water quality (traps sediment, lowers oxygen)

Eddy flux tower to monitor greenhouse gas emissions in the experimental wetlands.

This 'dock' is actually the way to measure sediments that accumulation.  

Brave Geology of the Critical Zone students walking out over the narrow walkway.

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