Monday, January 26, 2015

Ohio During the Devonian

      The Devonian Period, the Age of Fishes, occurred 416 million years ago. At this point in time, the world was in two super continents; Gondwana and Euramerica. These two land masses were 
surrounded by large subduction zones, which would destroy more land as the years progressed. Vast areas of ocean covered the rest of the globe. During this time, Ohio was forming but was not yet the little piece of heaven we know and love. It was part of a super-continent Euramerica. 
When North America and Europe collided, large deposits of granite were formed. This period is well known for these large deposits , along with the formation of  Appalachian Mountain range. The Devonian Period gave way to red colored sediment. This red colored sediment was first studied in Devon, England; giving its name. Near the end of the Devonian period, the first large forested areas arose. This period is also known as being the time of the mass extinction of many forms of life through the destruction of a meteor impact. 

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