Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Soil Formation

Soil is formed from the weathering of rocks and minerals. The surface rocks break down into smaller pieces through a process of weathering and is then mixed with moss and organic matter. Over time this creates a thin layer of soil. 


Human disturbances can affect the formation and erosion of soil greatly. Urbanization greatly affected soil erosion because to create buildngs we need to get rid of the land to build on it. Agriculture also affects soil erosion by planting crops on it and changing the terrain. Finally, deforestation affects soil erosion because humans remove the land. 

The haiti problem is from deforestation. The cutting down of trees has changed their country. The quest for wood decimates the forest. The damaged caused kills people, removes homes and also affects their water quality. This water affects hundreds of thousands of people due to this cycle of destruction. Soil is very important to the world because we are losing much more soil than what we are forming. If it takes thousands of years to create small amounts of soil, eventually we will not have any more soil. This can affect our agricultural aspect of the world. 

-Andrew Fuss

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