Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Water quality relates to humans and geology in many ways. Water quality is very important in human life because of the amount of water a person consumes. If the water quality is poor and carrying diseases, millions of people will be affected. There are drinking water quality guidelines to help protect human health. In geology, scientists perform hundreds of thousands of tests to make sure the water quality is safe enough for human consumption.

We tested pH, temperature, specific conductivity, and total alkalinity. Measuring pH is the hydrogen ion concentration and testing if the water is acidic, or basic. Specific conductivity tests the water's ability to conduct electricity. We measured the temperature in celcius of the water. Finally, we measured total alkalinity which measures the waters ability to neutralize acids. We tested all of these components at Mad River.

The trends of the temperature graph show that the temperatures change through each season. The temperatures are lowest in the winter and slowly start to warm up in the fall, they reach its peak in the summertime when the outside temperature is hottest, and finally the temperature starts to decrease again in the fall leading into winter again. 

-Andrew Fuss

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  1. Seeing the two graphs stacked like this really illustrates also how increasing temperatures decrease dissolved oxygen (it is no wonder that Lake Erie's dead zone is during the summer)!