Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Phosphate Behavior Comparison

In looking at the behavior between scales (time/scale) we discovered that the Ohio River averages over the month of September was [7g/km2/h], unlike that of Buck Creek, which is less than [1g/km2/h], at (0.62g/km2/h).

By looking at the comparison of data, Phosphate collected at Buck Creek was collected over a time period of 1 day. In that 1 day, we took two samples at every 5 spots within our location in that watershed.

Ohio WaterShed

Buck Creek WaterShed

The data of the Ohio River was over a span of 12 months, with samples being taken on the first of each month from 1963- 2011 (48 years). When we narrowed that data down, we chose the month of September. We had data from the 1st of September for the years of 1963-2011.
So, from both our own collection of data from Buck Creek, and the data that we found on the Ohio River we can conclude that the differences in the scales vary due to size/space and time of the collection period. ( sources for pictures Google maps)

By : Shirley and Emilie

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  1. The last bit is confusing to me, scale doesn't vary because of size and space, scale is size and space.