Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Phosphate - Scale

With the data that we have collected you are able to look at the behavior between time and scale of the Ohio River averages in the month of September as well as Buck Creek and we then are able to look at the results between the two. The Ohio River averages are [7g/km2/h], unlike that of Buck Creek, which is at (0.62g/km2/h).

When looking at the data it is needed to be understood that the Phosphate was collected at Buck Creek over a one day period. During this day, many samples were taken at the site. There were two samples that were collected at each of the 5 locations in the watershed we were studying, for a total of 10 samples from the watershed.

The Ohio River data was collected over a span of 12 months, for a 48 year time period from 1963-2011. Every sample was taken at the beginning of the month. With those samples that were taken, we then just focused on the month of September. The data was then looked at for every September in the time period.
In conclusion, of all the data gathered from Buck Creek and the other data collected from the Ohio River, one can conclude that the differences in the scales vary due to size, space, location, and time of the collection period in the different watersheds.

- Zach Smith & Stefan Latham

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  1. Nicely stated. Something is funny about the figures, they have some white space.