Saturday, December 1, 2012

Square Meter observations of Municipal Wetland

Our Challenge~ 

  • We had to make as many observations within one square meter of the Municipal Stadium Wetland. In doing so we would use our field tools that we have learned such as; YSI meter testing, pH testing, Nitrate, Phosphate, and temperature readings. In our challenge we chose a site and then squared it off. Then recorded as much data as possible. 

Our Site: 
Here we have our site measured of 1 meter by 1 meter and the black lines show the border, and then the line dividing it shows the different types of land. The top half is mostly water and mud, and the bottom half is dry leafy material. 

     Our Purpose: This video explains our purpose for taking these     observations:

     Our Observations: 
  • In looking at this site, we saw that the area was 50% under mucky water and the other 50% was not. We also measured the level of vegetation, the vegetation in this location was 47cm above the ground. Then once we recorded the visible observations, we started to record more of the data that involved testing kits, and material. 
  • In our observations we also compared something that we found there with a coin. Also we observed a spider on a twig. 
In the red circle is a spider on a twig. 

In the red circle is the coin, as you can tell the scale of our observations were larger than the coin. 

       Our Results: 
This is our collected data that we had within our meter by meter location

    Overall, with our observations  we can predict how the rest of the wetland would react to certain   conditions, and how the levels of nitrate and phosphate are in the area. In doing small-scale observations we can predict things on a larger scale and then carry out larger scale operations.

by: Emilie, Shirley, and Stephan 

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