Sunday, October 13, 2013

a) Wetlands save places like Springfield a lot of money.  Building just one tunnel can be millions of dollars.  Wetlands also help against flood protection and pollution control.

b) Creating these wetlands gives greater opportunity to surrounding neighborhoods because it could potentially increase the value of many houses.  It also is more pleasing to the eye, rather than just a empty field.  Wetlands also create more opportunity for recreational activity, such as, parks.

c) Wetlands slows down the rain and water flow, that goes into the storm drain.  If all the rain and water flow goes straight to the storm drain, then there will be sewage backup, which is not good for the environment.  Wetlands store the water but also wetlands store important nutrients, giving the soil necessary structure.

Wetlands are connected to the critical zone through climate and human influences. With high precipitation rates becoming a trend in Ohio's climate it is essential to have buffers in order to preserve the storm drain systems from being over used. The wetlands also assist with human influences keeping pollution such as gas an oils from entering the storm drain

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

Satellite view of vacant lot in Springfield

Holes that were dug on the vacant lot to test the water infiltration levels.

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