Monday, October 14, 2013

Social Implications of Green Infrastructures (Rain Gardens)

By: Melissa, Tori, Stu

The social implications of creating rain gardens in Springfield could bring positive change to areas that have been experiencing an economic downturn and do not have the most optimistic view of the community around them. 

Rain gardens and other green infrastructures serve to both beautify areas by adding signs of life but they also can help to improve storm water and sewage flow. By minimizing overflowing sewers, the rain garden will not only help to improve the property value of homes because they are no longer in areas that have flooding problems but may also help to improve the image that the residents have for of their neighborhood. The vacant lot located off E. Auburn Avenue is located in a residential area that is surrounded by many homes with families.

(A Green Infrastructure. Source: Sierra Club)

Since green designs can help to minimize the need for large storm water drainage tunnels, it minimized the amount of construction that our town will have to experience. In many ways, heavy construction that can affect roadways is a huge social issue and if we can eliminate the need for the concrete tunnels, we will shorten road construction time associated with installing new tunnels for additional combined sewer capacity.

EPA. Green Infrastructures.

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