Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Environmentalist View of Wetlands

Why Would an Environmentalist look at Wetlands?

~ Being an environmental studies major looking at wetlands relates to my field because if I was focusing on water quality, wetlands help filter out harmful substances. Wetlands are a very interesting ecosystem as well. They may provide answers to why species are dying off in the water, if the water quality is poor, or why a species is thriving in filtered water.
~ Studies showed in the article by Robert Evans, the water quality was able to become better once it went through the wetlands. The pollutants were diluted. This proves that through wetlands environmental may find better ways to purify water that has been polluted. Source: ( According to another article scientist may use wetlands to better understand the ecosystem in which organisms live in. These can be utilized to spread awareness to the public and make the environment a better place.
Source: (

This Image shows how water quality has been improved with Wetlands.
In the early 1980s, several independent research groups, including one in North Carolina, investigated how wooded riparian areas reduce pollution in water flow originating from upland areas, such as agricultural fields. Although the groups used somewhat different approaches, their results were similar. Source of Fig 1 and wording below, (

~ For our group project all this data could allow me to focus on the water quality of Buck Creek. Comparing that water to tap water for pH levels. Also it could help me compare factors up stream to down stream. In some cases up stream water quality could be poorer than down stream.

By: Emilie Naccarato


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