Thursday, September 6, 2012

Societal Importance of Wetlands



Wetlands hold a great deal of importance to human society. The reasons for this level of importance, is the level of value that is attached to the wetlands, for human society, in many different areas of human society. For instance, wetlands hold numerous economic benefits, through the yield of resouces and commodities, such as, fish and other game, as well as cleaner water, stopping pollutants, stopping floods and creating jobs. Wetlands are also extemely important to the environment which we all live in, as I touched on before, the wetlands clense the water and sustain the food chain, which is imperative to our survival.  Another reason wetlands hold societal relevance, importance and value, is that they are tools of eductation, teaching us about the past, present and future implications. These are some reasons why Wetlands are valuable to human society. This is very interesting to me, in terms of my major of sociology, and could certainly be what I continue to explore as we work our way up through the semester towards our group projects. The evidence I have found thus far shows nothing but positive implications of wetlands in society,

website with picture that relates to topic:

The picture on this website relates to the topic of the societal importance of wetlands because it is a graph, showing the economic value of wetlands in Michigan, whcih I'm sure are similar to the economic value wetlands could potentially yield in Ohio.


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