Thursday, September 6, 2012

Wetlands and Education

How do wetlands have anything to do with the education department?

              Being an education major, it almost seems like education and wetlands are silly things to try to connect. One might ask themselves "How in the world would these two things have anything in common?". The answer to that question lies within what we can teach the children and how we go about doing so. As a teacher, you must have lesson plans for every subject you teach everyday. There are also content standards one must meet for every core subject ( language arts, social studies, science, and math). By going through these standards you can decide where and how you can integrate wetland education into a topic you are already teaching the children about. Source: (Ohio's State Standards)
            On another note, teaching young children about wetlands could be very good for the future of wetlands. Getting children involved by educating them and involving them in wetland projects is just a start that could spark an interest and help them develop a passion for wetland research and water conservation in general.There is a very helpful website for wetland education. This website provides activities, curriculum/guides, education programs, teaching tools, videos, and links for teachers to use in the classroom. There are also many different projects and organizations that one can get their students involved in.
Source: (Wetlands Education

This is the cover of an online book that is available for children to become more familiar with information about wetlands.

An example of a wetland activity that is readily available to use in the classroom:

               By being a part of the group project I will be exposed to methods of instruction and be able to experience working with a wetland firsthand. I may be able to use these experiences later in life when I am teaching about science. I could also take my students to a wetland and expose them to the same opportunity I am being given.

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