Thursday, September 6, 2012

Social Importance of Wetlands

(website I used for this was a pdf again and I still don't know how to take images off of the pdf, but figure one works perfect for what I am talking about.)
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2) Wetlands are very important in society. They are important because wetland functions
can provide goods such as agricultural products or fisheries, services such as flood control and
water quality maintenance, and have attributes including biodiversity and cultural uniqueness.
Together these factors provide values to society, which are capable of supporting economic, social
and environmental development objectives. The relationships among these concepts for river
marginal wetlands is shown in Figure 1. Also wetlands can have a great impact on the culture of people. Wetlands can have great historical, social, and spiritual significance. The example used is the wetlands are focal points for certain human communities such as the Aboriginal people. This is important for our group project so that we can fully understand what wetlands mean to people all around the world and the significance they have socially and culturally. 

1) How did the till layer on top of the bedrock form? Also, what happens to bedrock now, are we forming more, or is it disappearing?

The till layer formed from years of sediments being placed on the surface from glaciers. Bedrock is not forming but disappearing due to the erosion and the tectonic plates moving.

-Zach Smith

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