Saturday, September 1, 2012

Field trip! Olentangy River Experimental Wetland Park

Dr. William Mitsch with our  Geology of the Critical Zone class at the 'planted wetland'  Olentangy Experimental Wetland Park

Muskrats & many birds are members of the wetland community

On Friday, we traveled to the Olentangy River Experimental Wetland Park.  Here we met with Dr. William Mitsch, an author of many peer reviewed articles, an OSU Distinguished Scholar, and the innovative scientist behind the creation of the experimental wetlands that are internationally known. Dr. Mitsch provided us with some good analogies on how wetlands function as kidneys and we were able to view the two created wetlands (one planted with wetland vegetation, one not planted). To learn more about the experiment and see some great pictures of the wetlands that actually look like kidneys check out this site:
Thanks for the tour!  


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